Buyer Process

Buying a home is one of the best things you can do to increase your wealth and improve your quality of life. But it can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time. Have no fear, it can be done! Below we've outlined how we can work together to make you successful.

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Introductory Meeting

Let’s get together to discuss your needs and your buying goals. In our first meeting we’ll get to know each other, you can ask all of your questions, and we’ll orient you to the market. We’ll also provide up-to-the-minute market data and sales info customized to your goals. Call us anytime to set up your introductory meeting.

Unlimited MLS Access

In the first weeks of your search, you’ll likely be spending a lot of time looking at properties online. We can invite you to use a wonderful tool called RealScout, which allows you to customize searches, save favorites and track property sales. We also can send relevant listings right to your email as they become available.

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Off-Market Access

While most available listings make their way to the public MLS, more and more properties are selling before they actually hit the open market. In recent years, San Francisco MLS rules have changed to level the playing field for off-market sales by requiring that any listing that is actively marketed in any way needs to be added to the MLS as a “Coming Soon” listing. These listings are not visible to the general public, but any agent with MLS membership can access them for you. We check these “Coming Soon” listings daily on behalf of our clients and share anything that is relevant to your search. 

In the North Bay, the old rules still apply and agents can market listings without sharing them with the entire real estate community. However, many properties do end up on MLS as a Coming Soon listing because it is simply more efficient than word-of-mouth. In both markets, buyers are really reliant on their agent to attend to this “invisible inventory” on their behalf. Our commitment to our buyer clients is to leverage our relationships with agents in the community and our memberships in both Associations, so that we can present relevant properties that can’t be found on Zillow.

Market Expertise

We are a group of veteran agents with superior market knowledge and experience. We’ll help you craft intelligent, savvy offers that will be successful in our competitive marketplace, and we’ll work to position you as the best buyer for your chosen property.

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Savvy Negotiating

As your agents, we are dedicated to your interests. We’ll leverage our market understanding and relationships with other agents in the community to negotiate on your behalf. When the market is softer, we negotiate for the best price and terms that the seller will accept. When the market is hot, our job is to negotiate to give you the best opportunity to buy the house and to put you in control, no matter how many people are bidding. Both situations require excellent communication and a high degree of skill. We’ll do everything possible to help you succeed!

Communication and Support

We offer consistent communication during all phases of your purchase and detailed market analysis and education to support your process. We’ll also introduce you to contractors, inspectors, and other experts who’ll assist you during and after your purchase.

Work With Us

RealWise is a group of veteran, top-producing real estate agents specializing in San Francisco and Wine Country property sales.