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Lender Introduction

You have probably already spent some time online, looking at available listings and mortgage rates, so you know a bit about what you can afford to buy. But you really won’t be certain of what is possible until you apply for a loan with a solid lender. Just like real estate agents, lenders aren’t all the same. You will need a lender who can offer you a competitive rate, a loan product that will meet your needs, and a dedication to a very high standard of service and reliability. Choosing a lender who is not reliable or doesn’t fully approve you for a loan before you write an offer can be risky. Here are two lenders we highly recommend:

Barbara McDonough, Chase Bank

Barbara and I have done dozens of transactions together. She’s an amazing partner and clear communicator who always delivers. Barbara is an institutional lender, which means she lends money through one bank. She has direct access to underwriters in her office and can rate match any rate you get from another bank.
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Ashley Card, Guaranteed Rate

Ashley is tenacious and flexible and gets it done. Ashley is a mortgage broker, which means she can shop multiple lenders to find you the product you need. This can be a life-saver for self-employed buyers who have complicated financial lives, or for buyers who want to buy their new house before they sell the old one and need lending flexibility.
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If you have a relationship with another bank and would like a referral, just ask us! We will work with you to find the best lender for your needs.

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