Seller Closing Costs

In order to know exactly what your proceeds from your sale will be, it is helpful to have an accurate estimate of these costs right from the beginning of your process.


Real Estate Brokerage Fees

As a seller, you are almost always responsible for paying the agents involved in the transaction. The brokerage fee is divided between your agent and the agent who represents the successful buyer of your home. Also referred to as “commission,” the amount and structure of this fee is agreed to at the time you sign your listing agreement. 

Transfer Tax

This fee is paid to the city and/or county in which you sell and is calculated as a percentage of your sale price. In San Francisco, there is one transfer tax amount that is paid to the city and county, which are one and the same. In some other cities, sellers are responsible for paying both a county fee and a city fee. These fees vary from region to region and, as in the case of San Francisco, can become quite expensive if your home’s value is high. We’ll review your area’s requirements and estimate this fee accurately. 


Presale Inspections

Often we’ll recommend that sellers hire inspectors to produce reports that offer buyers a more detailed understanding of a property’s condition. These may include inspections for general conditions, pests, sewer/septic, well, or engineering, depending on the specifics of your home.

Repairs & Property Updates

Costs associated with readying your home for sale may include handyperson repairs, painting, and/or a number of fixture and finish updates.

Home Staging

The cost of home staging can vary depending upon the caliber of stager used, the size of your home and how extensive the staging project is.



Property Taxes

All taxes are prorated in escrow at the time your sale closes. Depending upon the time of year, you may end up paying the buyer for your portion, or you may end up with a credit!

Condo Fees

If you are selling a condo these can include prorated HOA dues, move out fees and/or transfer fees.

Loan Payoff

The escrow officer will ensure that your loan and any outstanding interest payments are made in full from the proceeds of your sale.

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